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The Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana - the Sacral Chakra. Seat of creativity, sensuality and self-confidence, it is located under the navel and connected to the colour orange and the element of water. This is what we have been exploring in the last week, to my great joy as it's my favourite! Gentle hip opening is beneficial to your lower back and helps release the tension build-up in your lower body. For this reason, we can sometimes become a little emotional when we work on this area. It is important to explore this in a place where we feel safe, and to have the option to back out if we are uncomfortable. On the other hand, the glowing feeling we create when we allow the energy of our Sacral Chakra to flow unhindered is wonderful and invigorating. It takes time to let your hips release and relax, and that's why we practise ❤️

Affirmations :

I take care of myself.

I love myself: heart, mind and body.

I am a creator and add beauty to the world.

I create healthy boundaries.

Photography: @ritapiludu

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