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Trauma-Sensitive Embodiment

Embodiment is designed for people who have experienced trauma and who wish to work towards being able to reconnect to their bodies in a safe, mindful way. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

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A series of movements and shapes chosen by facilitator and participant, who together co-create a practice which the participants might find tolerable and useful. Every cue is invitational; there is no coercion. Participants are always welcome to make their own choices, and to sit out any movements or shapes they do not wish to make.

You can also contact me on WhatsApp 0852317643.

Monica Strina is a Yoga teacher certified as a facilitator by the Justice Resource Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, through the Trauma-Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) programme (300 hours).

We can have a chat about what you are looking for and go from there. If you are just curious, ask any questions you like. There is no obligation to try a class.

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