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Comfort through Discomfort

Finding comfort through discomfort... this is part of what Yoga means to me. In your practice, you can experience difficult feelings and sensations in your body, mind, emotions... but the practice also gives you the tools to learn how to sit with these feelings and sensations, to understand that they are only temporary, and to become more apt at avoiding reacting mindlessly to them. Through meditation, breathing and asanas, you build strength and resilience, in our body but also in your mind. Modifying the poses to suit your needs makes you able to tolerate discomfort and to realise that you are in control, safe, and able.

A little back story to this photo: on the day it was taken, in Marina Piccola (Cagliari, Sardinia), everything had been going wrong. I had encountered issues securing childcare and had then gotten myself lost, so that brilliant photographer @ritapiludu had had to come rescue me. By the time we were in the car, it was getting too late to catch that lovely golden light, and we had to settle for a different place to the one we had originally chosen. When we arrived there there were far too many people and boats, and it was hard to get the type of shot Rita had wanted. There was some frustration, and we thought that perhaps we had done everything for nothing. And then... then we decided to just go for it, see what we could do, and have fun with it, rather than dwell on the negatives. What could be done on those uncomfortable rocks? As it turns out, several poses, including Savasana. But aren't you supposed to find comfort in your Savasana? Strangely enough, I did. My body melted onto the rocks, under that miracolous golden light, and with the music of the sea in my ears and the encouragement of my friend, I relaxed. Then Rita did her magic with the light... and here's what came out ❤️

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