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I am not this hair, I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within (Rumi) 🕊️

This week we have been talking about Aparigraha: non-hoarding, non-grasping, non-attachment. It is easy for us to identify with our bodies, our thoughts, our possessions. And to become convinced that we need so much more than we actually do through the ads that bombard us, especially coming up to Xmas. But what if we realised we do have everything we need? What if we reduced our footprint on the environment by buying only what's necessary? What if we sought meaningful experiences and relationships rather than objects? We all need to give the planet a chance to heal, and no matter how tiny, every action towards this counts. Imagine that change if we all did our part! Let's make sure our children, and theirs, inherit a safer world 💜🌍🙏

Photography by @ritapiludu

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