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Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy can be such a complex time. Your body is creating a baby (or more!), your hormones are changing and causing so many new feelings and emotions. Perhaps you are happy and excited; but you might also be frightened, anxious, sad, angry ... you might be experiencing the whole range of emotions that make us uniquely human.

During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is loosening your joints, making your body feel different and sometimes sore. Your bump is growing, changing your body image, shifting your centre of gravity and making it difficult to feel comfortable.

Whatever you are feeling, pregnancy is an excellent time to connect to yourself and your baby/babies, to take care of your mind and body, to be more in contact with your energy and to meet women who are going through the same stage of life as you are.

Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to help you move mindfully, with your wellbeing and that of your baby/babies in mind. The stretches are gentle yet make a tired body feel so much better; the strengthening postures prepare you for birth and motherhood, while being very safe.

Monica, herself a mum of twin boys, has been trained by Melissa Curtis, the highly experienced prenatal yoga teacher at The Elbowroom, and is passionate about yoga and empowering women.

The classes are suitable for women from 14 weeks of gestation onwards. At the start of each class we come back to our breath and become grounded, tranquil, more connected with ourselves and our babies; each practice ends with a lovely guided relaxation. 

By the way, I came across a nice resource for questions pregnant ladies might have about driving here, if you would like to have a look!

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