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The Path...

Do not try

To save the whole world

Or do anything grandiose.


Create a clearing

In the dense forest of your life

And wait there


Until the song that is

Yours alone to sing

Falls into your open, cupped hands

And you recognise and greet it.

Only then will you know

How to give yourself

To this world

So worthy of rescue.

(Martha Postlewaite)🌲🌳🍁

This is what I feel about teaching Yoga. I was so lucky to find this song in my early forties. It seemed so late, but who is to say that I would have been able to give myself over to this before that very moment, that moment that turned out to be the right one?

I had felt all wrong before then. I had felt unable to use what I had been given, disconnected, like a disk turning around and around on a broken music player, tipping this way and that, without ever making the music it was supposed to.

And then it finally happened.

How did I get here? Through all the wrong turns, the tears, the feelings of not belonging, of not being good enough for anything, the doubts. Through being a kind of person I did not like, through pages and pages of sad diaries, through obsessions and good days and bad days.

Would I have gotten here without all that? Probably not, because I am me and this was my path.

I feel immensely grateful when I raise my eyes during a Yoga practice and see all the lovely Yogis and Yoginis sharing their practice with me. It is try a privileged place to be 💖🙏 Namaste 💗

Photography: @ritapiludu

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