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New Mum&Baby/Postnatal Yoga Class Filling up Fast!

We have a new class at The Sun Room Yoga with Monica Strina: Mum&Baby/Postnatal Yoga! This mindful and fun practice will be on every Tuesday morning at 10:30 in Baker's Corner. Breastfeeding, crying, laughing, changing and looking dishevelled are all very welcome!

The building is provided with free parking, facilities and lift.

As a mum of twins, I know how important it is to connect with other women in the same life stage as you are, and to get out of the house when you have a new baby. It keeps you sane!

Mum&Baby/Postnatal Yoga has many benefits, including:

~ socialising

~ getting advice on issues such as tight pelvic floor, prolapse, diastasis recti

~ bonding with baby

~ sharing your experiences with other mums

~ getting fresh air

~ a change of scene

~ becoming strong again

~ reconnecting with your body

~ feeling like yourself again

~ helping baby get rid of trapped wind

... and many more!

Come and try a class in September, and start coming back to yourself.

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